LOS MUNDOS – CALOR CENTRAL (Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud Records)

'Los Mundos' (translation; 'The Worlds') hail from Mexico and have been kicking around since 2012, releasing five albums in that time and until the day this dropped into my inbox I had never heard of them. On the strength of this album I will certainly be doing some investigating. The concept behind album based on … Continue reading LOS MUNDOS – CALOR CENTRAL (Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud Records)


Prana Crafter – MindStreamBlessing (Cardinal Fuzz)

When I was doing my end of year list I painstakingly worked my way through a lot of albums, writing¬† seemingly endless lists, constantly changing the positions of certain albums but no matter how many times I repeated the process one album kept finishing on top and that was Enter The Stream by 'Prana Crafter'. … Continue reading Prana Crafter – MindStreamBlessing (Cardinal Fuzz)