Prana Crafter – MindStreamBlessing (Cardinal Fuzz)

When I was doing my end of year list I painstakingly worked my way through a lot of albums, writing  seemingly endless lists, constantly changing the positions of certain albums but no matter how many times I repeated the process one album kept finishing on top and that was Enter The Stream by ‘Prana Crafter’. So here we are again with a new album, well technically it’s not a new album because it was originally released in 2017 on Eiderdown Records ,now with a couple of extra tracks Cardinal Fuzz and Eiderdown Records we get a spanking new vinyl release.

‘Prana Crafter’ is the music of ‘Wil Sol’ and it is his muse that drifts out of the speakers with a heartfelt intensity delivering a kind of psychedelic folk or a ” cosmic Americana blues “. I know we need bands that scream at the world and really, really need those bands but we also need something that is the polar opposite, something to takes us away from the madness and the endless shouting. This is unwinding music, this is drifting music and it feels like sonic Yoga. There certainly elements of Träd, Gräs & Stenar, Amon Düül II and maybe a sprinkle of more contemporary acts such as The Myrrors, I also felt there were hints of Jazz but I have little knowledge of Jazz but there is certainly a looseness about the music that alludes to the genre.

As I sit writing this and listening to the album again trying to pick the correct superlatives, I realise I’m on my third consecutive listen tonight, so maybe “timeless” is the word I’m looking for. I have said this on a few occasions, sometimes music comes along and just gets under your skin and you find yourself playing the same album over and over again, well this is already one of those albums for.

Release Date 11th March 2019
500 Pressing World Wide
300 x Black
200 x Pink/Green Swirl (100 for Cardinal Fuzz)
Co-released with Cardinal Fuzz in the UK and Eiderdown Records (USA)


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