Okay Champ- Dead About Thinking (Dirty Filthy Records)

‘Okay Champ’ is the new release on ‘Dirty Filthy Records’ and once again they have come up something quite brilliant. I seemed to have missed the memo about ‘Okay Champ’ because as soon I did some homework I found there was already a bit of a buzz about them. A lot of people were already swooning and getting excited, about time I gatecrashed the party (that was clever, read on and you’ll find just how clever and funny it was) and see what all the fuss is about.

I always think an album should set out it’s stall right from the start and ‘Okay Champ’ certainly do that with opener (clever funny bit alert)’The Party’s Over (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)’ which stumbles out of the speaker like a miserable drunk. Wry and whip smart lyrics are supported by a guitar hook so catchy it would snare even the most cunning of fish. This is followed by the brooding ‘William Tell’  a slow burning drone is back by an almost tribal beat and a lyric that’s both sardonic and kind of monotonic in its delivery. With each new song there is a new twist, ‘Don’ is full of sludgy guitars, ‘Babe’ is sparse but punctuated with some glorious stabs of noise and ‘Safe Neck’ had a ‘Syd‘ feel to it. The album closer with a wild one two first off is ‘Ticket’ had a ‘Half Man Half Biscuit‘  playing Grunge feel to it (I know, but it does)) and ‘Keen Admirer’ is a slow builder that steadily reaches its peak closing the album with a bang!

This album has confounded my expectations, not that I knew what to expect but I do know it wasn’t this. It is post grunge, no wave, neo psych, post sludge…….. or whatever but that’s the great thing about this album you can’t quite put your finger on what it sounds like but you do know it sounds great.
Limited to 240 copies, pressed on random coloured eco vinyl.
Comes with a double sided printed lyric sheet.
Listen here – https://soundcloud.com/user-302026195
Order from – https://dirtyfilthyrecords.bigcartel.com/


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