Gum Takes Tooth//Early Remains//Colossloth- The Soundhouse Leicester 24/01/19

Tonight we were entertained by three bands (acts?) with a grand total of four members, in fact headliners ‘Gum Takes Tooth’ had the most members and they are are a duo. Once again I have to tip my hat to “The Other Window‘ and the other promoters for taking the financial risk and putting on such a fantastic night of music in little old Leicester.

Early Remains‘s music is gentle and hypnotic with a  kosmiche groove that had me thinking of ‘Cluster‘ and ‘Tangerine Dream‘. This really is music for losing (and maybe finding) yourself too. Complex patterns of sound weave their way around the room filling every corner and massaging your psyche. Personally, I have seen ‘Early Remains’ play three or four times and every time I ask myself the same question, “why is nobody releasing this stuff”?

I have seen ‘Colossloth’ live a number of times now and each time my hearing suffers. This sonic manipulator takes you on a journey to some pretty dark and fucked up places, the soundscapes that are created usually go from gentle and subtle palette cleansers to distorted overload in the blink of an eye but tonight’s barrage of new material was unrelenting. Having now released two albums released on Cold Spring both of which have received praise in all corners of the noisy underground and if the new material premiered tonight is anything to go by then this upward curve is set to continue.

‘Gum Takes Tooth’ have been knocking around for a few years now, releasing a couple of albums that challenge the confines of the norm. Often leaping from a kind of unhinged Jazz to a rhythmic psych hardcore with one foot seemingly planted in rave culture. This was  my first time of witnessing the band live they certainly lived up to all my expectations and then some. It is refreshing to see bands like this who take their influence from a broad palette rather than the Sabbath/Can worship that so many bands seem to be doing at the moment. With a new album just released on the forever reliable Rocket Recordings this two man beat infested noise machine seem set for the next level of notoriety.

Early Remains




Gum Takes Tooth


All Photos by Alastair Mellor


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