Old Mexico-S/T (Cardinal Fuzz)

Anything that has the ‘Jason Simon’ name attached to it grabs my interest. He has consistently made great music for such a long time now that whenever I see his name attached to something I subconsciously reach for my wallet ( I don’t actually own a wallet). So, what is on offer this time? I’ll tell you what is on offer an album for drifting, for floating and for losing yourself in a liquid and at times formless groove.

The opener and indeed the centerpiece of this album is entitled ‘Past The Western Wall’ which is just shy of fourteen minutes. What starts off as some seemingly gentle Americana soon leads into some beautiful improvisation, with the Saxophone of ‘Michael Bello’ weaves its way through the music, complementing rather than competing with the rest of the band. Eventually the song drifts back into a more traditional  format leaving you wondering how the Hell fourteen minutes passed so quickly. As the album unfolds the quality of the musicians really reveal themselves, but it is the quality of the songs that is startling. Longer songs such as ‘Black Matador’ and ‘The Old Ones’ are given space and time to develop and never over staying their welcome. As for the three shorter songs they simply wonderfully crafted songs that pull the album together giving it a real sense of completeness.

I have struggled to find a fitting descriptions for this album and that has to be a good thing, really it’s a potent collision of psych, Jazz and and Americana. If you are a fan of Jason Simon’s previous albums (Old Testament and Familiar Haunts) then this will not let you down, also fans of Dead Meadow (especially more recent albums) then this is worth your investigation. In fact such is the quality of this album I feel I could recommend it to almost anyone.

Buy it here or here



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