News 08/08/18 Rocket Head For The Stars

Cripes, I never new what I was letting myself in for when I thought I would try this little experiment. So here we go with today’s scraps of news. By the way any labels or bands that want me to spread the news just drop me a line.

Rocket Recordings

Rocket Recordings have been nominated for an award in the ‘Best Small Label’  category at this years Aim Awards. So best of luck to them they really do deserve it! All nominations and categories can be found here.  All winners announced on September 4th.

Cold Spring

The news yesterday that one of the tracks to be released on the God Unknown singles club was the feature the legend that is Penny Rimbaud! Well he has something new coming out soon on the brilliant Cold Spring label. Originally released in a tiny self-financed run of just 60 CDs in 2011, Cold Spring are proud to give this impossible-to-find release by Penny Rimbaud (CRASS) the wider attention it deserves. 27 minutes of dark jazz, industrial, bursts of repetitive noise rock and foreboding classical cello, with the initial music laid down by New York duo JAPANTHER, and organically interwoven with the punk poetry of Penny and other Shakespearean ‘voices’. The lyrical subject centers on broken relationships and the conflicts which can exist between love and desire. All elements were recorded at the legendary Dial House in Essex. Digisleeve. Trust me it is sounding very special. Order and listen to some of it here


VERT:X release ‘Death To False Motorik’ as a digital download and it’s sounding incredable! You can buy it here for seven British quids! bargain. Lets hope this gets a full vinyl release.

And Finaly

Riot Season have been showing off the artwork to an as yet unknown album. We at Heathen Towers have been guessing what it might be, either way the artwork is looking fantastic.



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