Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. – Electric Dream Ecstasy (Essence Music)

Whenever, I sit and listen to an ‘Acid Mothers Temple’ album and it doesn’t matter which version or which collaboration or even which side project, I find myself sitting boggle eyed with my mouth agape, this album of course is no different!

Things kick off with ‘ From Planet Orb With Love Part 1′  which is the perfect vehicle to showcase new band members,  ‘Satoshima Nani’ on drums, ‘Wolf’ on bass and vocalist ‘Jyonson Tsu’. It’s a slow burning freak out, that may seem like it is built around the guitar work of ‘Kawabata Makoto’ but in reality this a full on, full band, freak out. We have to wait five and a half minutes before we get any vocals and the whole thing starts to come together. One of the reasons why ‘Acid Mothers Temple’ have always been so good in whichever guise they choose they always have total understanding of light and shade, the hypnotic tones and rhythms of ‘Pink Lady Lemonade (You’re My Orb)’  exemplify this. The harmonica solo gives the whole track  outta space blues kind of feel, which leads nicely to ‘Sycamore Trees’  which kind of carries on with the blues theme. This is of course ‘Acid Mothers’, gentle vocals are sung with a scratching disjointed guitar, that is until we hit the five and a half minute mark when the whole thing slowly falls in on itself in the most beautiful and chaotic way and all the time the rhythm stays tight and minimalist. The final track ‘Pink Lady Lemonade (Electric Dream Ecstasy)’  is just one of those tracks that will have you shaking your ass without realising it. It has an infectious groove, that is so infectious it should carry a health warning, with a repetitive beat that gives it a kind of Krautrock/ Disco fell, what’s not to like? The freak out starts around the fourteen minute mark which leaves five minutes of pure blissed out madness.

I’m not sure what hardcore fans will think of this but I think this is an outstanding album, there may well be better and with over seventy odd carrying the Acid Mothers name it is very likely, but for me this has become a firm favourite and will still be getting regular plays in years to come.

You buy it here


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