United Bible Studies-The Star of the Sea Moves Today to Its Rising (Deep Water Acres)

Sometimes you stumble upon things quite by accident and they send you off down the rabbit hole often with amazing results. I have often stated not only on these pages but to anyone who is willing to listen, how much truly great music is out there for those wishing to make an effort. This album has got under my skin, and it’s unlike anything else that I have played for sometime.

The roots of this album certainly lay within the realms of folk music, it feels organic, earthy and ancient. The album opens with ‘Frontier Auras‘ which (like the album itself) takes its time to reveal itself and still revealing nothing. The following track ‘Leumnàchn’  is a slow moving loose piece that seems to be a lament to something, of what I’m not quite sure, and it is these secrets that make the album such and unique and enjoyable listen. The album moves a glacial pace drifting from the present to what sound like echos from a forgotten past. The title track itself uses silence almost as an instrument and in the hustle and bustle of modern life this is a powerful and brave thing to do. Maybe this is the message (if indeed there is or even needs to be one) that if we should take some time just to shut up and listen and maybe to paraphrase Dylan the answers are blowing in the wind and maybe we are just too busy to listen. The album highlight for me is the eighteen plus minutes  of ‘ O Girl of the Branches’  seems to drift into the avent-garde and giving it a kind of Folk-Jazz feel to it.

I have played this album a number of times now and have found something new on each listen. It is a album that a times challenges the listener and for those open minded and patient enough to accept the challenge the rewards are plentiful and once you let this album in I expect it will stay with for a very long time.

You can find the album here and here


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