Dead Sea Apes- Recondite (Cardinal Fuzz)

Here at Heathen Towers, we look forward to any Dead Sea Apes (DSA) release. But this is a bit special, not only is this a double album, but if you wanted to own all of these songs on their various individual releases, you are looking at upwards of 150 English quids! So it’s a win, win situation. I won’t bother waffling on about how much I like this band because if you have read this blog at all or know me in any way, you will know they continually hit that musical sweet spot.

Tentacles (version)

The original of this appeared on last years dystopian psych dub epic ‘Sixth Side Of The Pentagon‘. This longer version (featuring the voice and words of poet Adam Stone) however, is available on the fantastic download only charity compilation Dayz of Purple and More Hope which was set up by top blogger Dayz of Purple and Orange to raise for Cancer Research.


A complete mindfuck of a track that featured on the superb Cardinal Fuzz compilation featuring the likes of White Manna, Black Bombaim, Carlton Melton and Kandodo3  all housed in a screenprinted gold on black, with a reassuringly familiar design and pressed on a matching gold and black swirl vinyl. There are even still a few left at the bargain price of £8. I was lucky enough to see DSA play this track live when I saw them supporting The Heads and it really was one of ‘those’ moments.

Planet V (version)

This featured on Dayz of Purple and Hope which again a charity download only compilation. I have to say this track is a personal a favourite of mine, Brett Savage’s guitar work out is simply brilliant.

True Believers

The original version of this appeared on the Spectral Domain album and clocked in at over nine minutes. This shorter version is from the Evil Hoodoo compilation. It may be a bit more compact but non of the impact is lost.

Land Of The Sun

Now this one was completely new to me, originally released on a Fruit De Mers compilation, this is a cover of a Skip Spence song, I think it was the last thing that the troubled genius (yes he was a genius) ever recorded and it was (I think) deemed too creepy for The X-Files! with Gabriel Minnikin providing a very convincing vocal this is daring and brilliant.

The Recognition

Featured on on a very limited  Sky Lantern Records sampler tape, we find the band in a steady slow burning mood, in fact the whole thing is rather mellow and I found quite uplifting, which I don’t think was the desired effect but that was the effect it had on me.

Universal Translator

A shortened and slightly different version  to the one that appeared on the Spectral Domain album. This version first graced our ears back in 2016 and was on the Paper Leave compilation released  by Ptolemaic Terrascope. When I reviewed the album I said of this track, “their ability to create the theme tune to the Mars landscape is something to celebrate” and I was right.

Lupine Wavelength

Released on the Drone Rock Records album Magnetic North, also featuring Vert:x, Earthling Society and Blown Out. The track itself is a slow burner with absolutely filthy sounding guitars. It is tracks like this that make you realise what a solid unit DSA are, everything works so well together, that solid drum, those snaking baselines and the aforementioned guitar all combing to make this outstanding racket.

Ruckstoss Gondoliere 

A Kraftwerk (well I say Kraftwerk, some would say it’s closer to band Organisation, but I’m no expert)cover from 2012 featured on the Fruits De Mer compilation ‘Head Music’. It has a very kind of fluid sound. This is actually a bit of a revelation for me because not only did I not know this existed, but I was only vaguely aware of the original which is superb.


I must have took my eye off the ball at some point because according to the information I have this was released on a very limited cassette only compilation in 2017. Now if I had known about it I would have gone to my local tape shop and buyed(sic)  it. This is a prime piece on Psych with some fantastic backmasking being the star of the show.

Vamos Companeros

Taken from a download only (as far I am aware) compilation. This is a fabulous beat infested number, which just has to be heard. Also it is a brave reworking of the Harmonia & Eno track. Now I have to admit to not knowing too much about Harmonia, I think it mainly because I know what will happen and that is I will start becoming obsessed. Unfortunately for my bank manager I think that door may have just been opened.

Well there you have it, not so much of a review but more of an overview, which has took me a very long time to write simply because each track has set me off only little journeys, it’s been a bit Hansel and Gretel, with me following a trail of sweets to pasture new. These things, these collections don’t often work but this really does, it is far more than a mere gap filler or a  mopping up operation. This is just a damn good collection of music by what I consider to be one of the best bands around today.













wilder penfield 40

lupine wavelengths 18



true belivers 22


land of the sun 43

universal 20

rucktoss 35

rethreads ?

vamos(the blog that celebrates itself)

knoledge and conv (1st album live)

loyus island sunwolf




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