Colossloth – Heathen Needles (Cold Spring)

It’s difficult to know where to start when an album actually scares you shitless, this album is riddled with some very unpleasant sounds, the kind of unworldly sounds that seem like they are the tortured soundtrack of the dead. The clever part is this is all underpinned with a variety of textures that give the music so much depth.

Having seen Colossloth  live on a number of occasions this year I feel like I’m already familiar with a lot of the tracks, but hearing them in the comfort of my own home is an all new experience. Colossloth’s manipulation of static and white noise to create these strange yet compelling soundscapes is what sets him apart from his peers. The album itself contains all the sonic elements of last years Outstretch Your Hands For the Impress of Truth LP, but this time there is even more depth, the lighter elements have a more prominent role which in turn enhance the harsher aspects. One of the album highlights is ‘Comfort In Defeat’, it leaps out of the speakers full of electrical chatter, with a heavy drone simmering in the background, as the drone grows the harsh white noise is replaced with more gentile components before finishing with just a lone acoustic guitar. In a little over three minutes  the sound has gone from a meltdown at Skynet to a more ancient sound, the overall feel of the album has the sound of an untold dystopian force fighting it out with ancient and mythical guardians of nature. The album closes with a dark ambient prog epic (ahem) titled ‘Sedentary Signal’ in which every part of the Colossloth sound is stretched and dissected over eleven claustrophobic minutes.

Heathen Needles is an album that rewards the listener over and over again and deserve repeated listens.


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