Plastic Crimewave Syndicate- Thunderbolt Of Flaming Wisdom (Cardinal Fuzz)

Julian Cope turned me on to these (or a least a version of these) exactly (yes exactly) fourteen years ago, but being the over excited music geek that I am, I listened to them for a month non stop and then for some reason moved on. I had every intention of keeping an eye out for further release but I’m afraid I just forgot and slowly they drifted from memory. So when I heard that this was coming out, I had to do my homework (the addition of ‘Syndicate’ confused my little brain), and lo and behold it was the same band. This was going to be fun.

Thirty Three minutes, that’s it bish, bash, bosh! No point in sitting down even if you could, because this is full on gurning, air guitar turned up to eleven shit! Everything that is good about the darker, heavier, dirtier, fuzzier side of psych is there. It captures not only the birth of the that Detroit sound but also the attitude, think The Third Power, Alice Cooper, Destroy All Monster and of course The ‘fuckin’ Stooges. Add to this a splash of Hawkwind, a drop of Pink Fairies, Randy Holden and other various purveyors of sonic headfuckery and yes I’m looking at you Comets On Fire, Butthole Surfers, Rocket From The Tombs….. This my good reader is psychedelic punk, it’s the unruly kid that sits at the back of the psych class, throwing bits of paper at all the nicely dress goody, goody psych kids, its a big bad brown acid munching motherfucker of an album that will jump out of your speakers and knock you on your ass.

Make of it what you will from that jumbled overexcited review but if i’ve piqued your interest here are the details. Pressing wise 350 (175 for UK and 175 for USA) and Cardinal Fuzz has 75 x Colour Vinyl for UK/Europe. If you are reading this in the USA (wow thank you) go to Eye Vybe Records and bag yourself a copy.





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