Psychic Lemon-Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay ( Tonzonen Records)

On their last album ‘Psychic Lemon’ proved that they had the chops and the talent to mix it with the best of them, and quickly built an underground following. Us bloggers all stroked our chins, raised our eyebrows and nodded in agreement on how good they were. Could this, their second album ( their first on Tonzonen Records) reach the high standards of their previous effort?

Things kick off with in a very tribal kind of fashion with ‘Exit To The Death Lane’ the track builds, layer after layer of sound being added giving the whole thing a very Hills feel, which of course is a good thing. With the wonderfully named ‘Hey Droog’ gives us a more punky spikey feel, it reeks of hunger and passion. The energy levels stay cranked up with ‘You’re No Good’ as the band duck and weave their way round a very infectious beat. With a title like ‘Interstellar Fuzz’ a few things need to happen, firstly you need a long track ( box ticked at just under ten minute), secondly you need lots of fuzzy fuzzed up fuzz guitar (another big tick) and thirdly just by daring to use the word ‘Interstellar’ (a nod to their Cambridge heritage?) you are standing on the shoulders of giants so you better make it good (big fucking tick!). Not  content with using the word ‘Interstellar’ this bunch of young psych upstarts have opted to use the sacred word ‘Satori’ and once again they deliver. This time with a real slow burner.

In days of yore this band would be splashed all over the music press, for better (better I say) or for worse those days are gone, so it’s up to likes of me and my fellow bloggers to spread the word because this album is one of those that sounds like the next level. If like me you liked their last album you are going to just love this. So scrape together a few shekels and spend them here are the release details

If you get a chance go see them play live here are their next couple of dates:

20th Nov: London, The Brewhouse (w/ In Zaire) Tickets are priced at £8 from

23rd Nov: Chelmsford, Bassment (promoted by my good friend Dayz of Purple and Orange) info here









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