Hotel Wrecking City Traders-Passage To Agartha (Cardinal Fuzz)

Hotel City Wrecking Traders (HWCT) have been kicking around for a fair few years now, however, they only appeared on my sonic radar a couple of years ago. This was when they released a split 12″ with the awesome Hey Colossus, I also managed to miss out on 2016’s Phantamonium (released on Evil Hoodoo). Everything I had heard I had liked, so you can bet your life I wasn’t going to miss out this. Its a double album released on in the UK by Cardinal Fuzz/Evil Hoodoo and in their native Australia by Bro Fidelity.

This double album is 90 minutes of gloriously heavy, expansive, punk psych. Opener ‘Quaser’ rattles along for a just over eleven minutes riff heavy spacerock. Thankfully, ‘Kanged Cortex’ gives you a chance to catch your breath, but just not a great deal, its supersized postrocker that stomps all over your speakers like King Kong with tooth ache. If like me you prefer to get your sonic gratification by way of vinyl, then now is the perfect time to make a brew, grab a cold beer or whatever your chosen poison is, flip the record over and sit back and enjoy the trip and it really is a trip because ‘Chasing Tendrils’ is a seventeen minute of pure joy. My initial thoughts on the first few plays were that ‘Chasing Tendrils’ should have been the album title/lead track, I now know I was wrong because ‘Passage to Agartha’ has so much depth that even after repeated listens there are surprise, it is a fantastic slice of hypnotic, mind altering psychedelia. As the album closer ‘Ohms Of The Cavern Current’ slowly, slithers out of the speaker before turning to something far darker and heavier. After a few plays you come to realise how well this album has been thought out and despite its length it can be enjoyed as a whole.

What HWCT have achieved here in my opinion is nothing short of remarkable, they have managed to do is not only touch bases with so many other genres but glance back in their rear view mirror and keep driving their sound forward. Here is an album of length, depth and variety that deserves your attention.  So grab yourself a copy from here , here or anywhere you can, whilst you can.



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