Cobra Family Picnic-Magnetic Anomaly (Cardinal Fuzz/Sky Lantern Records)

My record buying went a little bit mad last year, my wife would say it still is but I know better, the thing is how on earth do choose between all the records that come out its impossible. I know the sensible thing would be to buy files they don’t cost much, which means more music for yer money, but it just don’t feel right paying for something that just sits in a folder on the computer. The other option would be the cd cheaper again, but I’ve never got on with those silver discs, and at the grand old age of 45 I struggle to read the booklet. So its wax and wax only for me, maybe it’s the ritual (slaughter the goat play the record), maybe it brings back those halcyon days of record hunting with my old mate and the excitement of getting home to play it after spending a couple of hours in the pub examining them. So why am I telling you all this and where am I going with it? Well I spent my hard earned cash on this and you know what this is money very well spent.

The album itself flows with such ease, it rumbles and rolls. It is the kind of music for late nights. I sat in the garden the other day, just chilling with a beer and enjoying the vibe that it emits. The album does have a stoner vibe running through it but more than anything for me it was the bands willingness not to let the listener settle too longer. Opener ‘Draags’ eases you in with a steady rhythm, whilst guitars and a sampled Voice from NASA just intertwine but neither become too overpowering.  ‘IPT 001’ acts like an intro to the seven minute epic that is ‘Elysium’, a track that epitomises everything that I like about this so called ‘Desert‘ sound. It’s laid back, it’s trippy, it has dark undertones and it that all important groove. We have more Inter Planetary Travels  ‘IPT 011’ which is a cosmic soundscape that had me think of Pink Floyd‘s Meddle album and was certainly inspired by the Floyd’s 67-71 era. A fantastic way to close side 1.

Side 2 kicks off with ‘Frost’ which is a frantic trip that morphs into a glorious creeping Doors like finish. As the bass heavy ‘Gilgamesh’ really hits the sonic exploration button. Our ears are once again dipped into a well of psychedelic sounds (ITP 111) before the albums closer ‘Moody Mountain’ with its Myrrors-esque vibe. This is one of those tracks where time stands still, and the slow burning vibes just wash over you.

Cobra Family Picnic are one of those bands that seem to come along fully formed and their chops finely honed. Maybe it has been this bout of fine weather and the anticipation of those long hot days, either way as I spend more and more time in my garden this will surely become my soundtrack to my summer.





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