Vert:x- From Now To Now-Weird Beard Records

To completely loose yourself in music is a real treat, Vert:x are one of those bands I can really do that with. Their sound is built around that Hawkwind , Neu!Motorik inspired kind of groove that so many try to do but fail. The thing is, this lot get it. They know how that groove works and they know how to build upon it layer after layer. I guess you call this “Space Rock” but if you don’t  you should because you will end up Space associated superlatives without even realising. So strap yourselves in and prepare for interstellar travel (see what I did there).

‘Space Junk’ kicks things off and sets the tone. I know I mentioned ‘Hawkwind’ already but there is good reason because it taps into that source in many ways. The aforementioned groove, the proto punk infused guitars that brings to mind Chrome, The Stooges, Rocket From The Tombs, there is saxophone and there are synths throbbing and squelching throughout. A bit of a nod towards their influences can be found in the title of track two ‘Suns Of Ra’ and whilst you can hear a little ‘Sun Ra‘ influence this more of kosmische  trip, full of motorik beats that work their way round the cornerstones of the Krautrock sound. Naturally like all good albums, an absolute beast is saved for last. This is really where you can start with intergalactic phrases because the amount of distance that this track covers is incredible, the band use the full expanse of their sound to take us on a trip and what a trip it is, its a full on zone out and jump in kind of tune. Turn the lights out put the headphones on, but do the this at your own risk, you may just find yourself in another dimension by the end.

This album has been a long time coming, over the years tracks have cropped up on cdr’s and various compilations. So it’s great to see a bunch of heads (and beards) finally get together and get this album out on vinyl. So we have two firsts here, the first full on proper album by Vert:x and the first release on Weird Beard, and what a fantastic way to start for both of them. You can buy the physical album here but, where your physical self ends up, who can tell.


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