Thee Telepaths-Neon Spiral

That internet thing is well good init? I guess like most people I spend far much time with my face staring at a screen. Most of the time I’m on the look out for new bands, this lot caught my attention a while back. I checked them out because they had played a couple of gigs with the brilliant Psychic Lemon whose debut album on Drone Rock Records got a lot of plays here at Heathen Manor. After checking out ‘Thee Telepaths’ I put them on my very long ‘Bands To Investigate’ list and then forgot to investigate, until a chance online conversation revealed that I was in fact talking to a member of the band, who then sent me a copy of this E.P. I now have the great pleasure of telling you lot how bloody good it is.

I always thought the rules for an E.P. were four tracks to showcase where a band is at, at a certain point in time. If this is the case with this release, then I can tell you that ‘Thee Telepaths’ are in a good place. Four tracks of contemporary psych that are packed with melodies, ideas and ambition. Opener ‘War In My Head’ goes from strength to strength, slowly shifting and morphing until it reaches its final meltdown. ‘Swamp Thing’ is a full on wall of drone that kind of claws it’s way out of your speakers. ‘Fudge Mountain’ has a certain swing to it that had times had me thinking of The Cure, I’m not quite sure why or which song, maybe it’s because the band have verses, choruses, and middle eights that have you singing along and yet there is depth and claustrophobia. Album closer and highlight ‘Microsleep’ is an amalgamation of everything that has gone before. It has a punky, New Wave undercurrent, it’s as catchy as hell and at over nine minutes it avoids that dreaded pitfall of treading water.

‘Thee Telepaths’ draw from a great well of alternative music You can hear Punk, New Wave, Grunge, Detroit, Shoegaze and psych. If you pick out those genres from just four songs then you know you have just listened to something pretty damn good.

The E.P. is available from the usual places for digital download and the physical copies can be purchased here.



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