Three Dimensional Tanx-Attack

I have this idea every decade should have it’s own version of ‘Nuggets‘, that way the best of the underground would be there for future generations as a gateway to the forgotten greats of the past. Three Dimensional Tanx (3DT from now on), would fit onto any onto any decades version of the aforementioned compilation. You see, 3DT have that timeless quality. They take their ques from bands like The Seeds, ? and the Mysterians, The Damned, Teardrop Explodes, Spaceman 3 and turn them into something a bit more contemporary.

Over the years many bands have tried to recreate a classic garage sound and failed, usually from trying too hard. Where 3DT get it right is they have taken all of the components and made it their own and they sound like they are having the time of their life. For instance, album opener ‘Motorbootin’ clocks in at one minute and forty one seconds, in that short space of time so much happens, a kick ass intro, short sharp verses, to die for choruses, organ freak out, guitar solo and all done whilst sounding like The Saints doing battle with The Stooges. That is just the first song! This is the theme throughout the album the songs snarl, spit and bite but are drenched in almost pop like sensibilities. As the album progresses they stretch and push their sound, a fine example of this is ‘Trip Hazard’ which sounds like (to me anyway) Ray Manzarek jamming with the MC5!

So here’s the rub, I may have spent the last two hundred and fifty odd words name dropping and comparing and contrasting them with greats from the past, but just to do that would be unfair because everything is delivered with energy, urgency and aplomb that they become essential, they become fresh but most of they become themselves.

You can buy the album here along with lots of other goodies.


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