Days Of Purple And More Hope

There is a great community in psych world, bloggers, bands, labels and fans all interact via social media. Spreading the word about new bands, label releases, gigs, sourcing those missing pieces in your collection and even arranging meet ups and lifts to gigs. One of the shining lights in this community is Andy Uzzell who runs the brilliant Dayz Of Purple And Orange website. I was a regular reader of his blog before I started my own. When we became online friends he was always encouraging me, giving me tips and pointers and even letting me guest review an album on his blog. Last year Andy decided to raise some money for cancer charities and released the fantastic ‘Dayz of Purple and Hope‘. It was packed full of amazing tunes all donated by established and new acts. Sadly Andy recently lost his mother to lung cancer. Somehow as well as dealing with all the obvious emotions Andy has put together another compilation namely ‘Dayz of Purple and More Hope’ with the money raised going to the same cancer charities.

Once again for £10 you get more music you can shake a stick at. Twenty Seven songs clocking in at about three hours! ‘3D Tanx’ kick things off as only they know how a short, snotty piece of garage psych, ‘MOEWN’ deliver some high quality instrumental desert styled psych, the unbelievably good ‘TBWNIAS’ rock out with a track called ‘NST’.  ‘Dead Sea Apes’ have donated a version of ‘Tentacles’ and guitarist Brett Savage has done a cracking job with the art work. There is some mind altering motorik from ‘vert:x’, Rollerhands hit the spot with Keeping Om and E Gone do what they always do and that is be fucking excellent. Do I need to go on? take a look for yourself.  The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol, vert:x, HEAVY MOON, The Intelligence Service, Dead Sea Apes, Vostok, Three dimensional tanx, Psychic Lemon, Jonathan Morgan, Kanoi, Electric Moon, Sula Bassana, Camel Driver, MOEWN, Libido Fuzz, Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree, Sautrus, Asimov, E GONE, THE PANCAKES – Germany, Cambrian Explosion, Bone Man, Strange Turn, Kösmonaut, Rollerhands, Mother mars, No Man’s Valley

We live in strange times, in a sometimes insular world that at times, looks like its falling apart at the seams, but it is the coming together of people to do good things like this that raises the spirits. If you can’t afford the full ten quid then treat yourself to a couple of tracks, every little helps as they say.…/dayz-of-purple…

This is what Andy has to say.

At the arse end of 2016 I lost my mother to lung cancer. It was a slow, early and undignified end for a very special person. As is natural this brought about many, many emotions – grief, hopelessness, disbelief and anger…..anger that in this day and age when so much is technically possible, when inbuilt obsolescence renders all technology useless within months for the sake of the dollar, we STILL lose loved ones to the blight that is cancer. Following on from last year’s ‘Dayz of Purple and Hope’ compilation I have put together a ‘sequel’ or, rather, the next step in unfinished business. As with the previous comp, all profits will go to Cancer Research UK and World Cancer Research Fund International.



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