Blown Out-Superior Venus-Riot Season

I don’t have this album in any form, my hope is when they play Leicester on May 6th there will be some copies for sale, I have however, heard this through Bandcamp, this therefore means it’s not been played during  a long car journey, its not been blasting my headphones during a countryside walk or spinning around on my precious turntable whilst cooking the evening meal (I have to mention we are talking Michelin quality food) It has however had a hammering on the computer over the last few weeks. Right, lets get one thing straight ‘Blown Out’s’ last album (New Cruiser) gained a review that was simply the words ‘Fuckin’ Epic’ written a number of times. The reason for this was simple, it was actually fuckin’ epic! So how do you follow an album of such (fuckin’) epic proportions? Well a good idea would be to make it much more (fuckin’) epic-er.

Bands like Blown Out don’t ease you in gently, they just get straight on with the full frontal lobotomy and there is no anaesthetic. ‘Impious Oppressor’ opens the album with fifteen minutes of heavy over the top psychedelic jamming that keeps pushing itself, it keeps reaching, finding new levels and never… not even for a nano second does become hard work and that is an achievement. The title track has the same full on tinnitus inducing chaos except this a slower darker beast. It is probably the in flight music to a spaceship full of storm troopers on  its way to the Death Star. Mike Vest (guitar),  Matt Baty (drums) and John-Michael Headly (Bass) have honed their craft in other bands such as  Pigsx7, Bong, Haikai No KuKhunnt and Dodge Meteor so they are no strangers on how to make a bloody racket.

‘Blown Out’ are at the forefront of what I personally class as heavy psych, and have proved that they have a knack of making fuckin’ epic albums. For me with this band there is only one thing left to do and that’s see them live, thankfully a good friend of mine is putting them on in my hometown of Leicester. So if you are in the Leicester area on May 6th getcha asses down to Firebug. Riot Season (their label) seems to be sold out of vinyl and is fast running out of tapes and cds.


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