The Cosmic Dead-The Exalted King-Cardinal Fuzz

When this album first came out I was without a turntable, so I got myself a copy on CD, unfortunately I’m a bit careless with CD’s and my copy ended up in my car getting damaged and unplayable. With vinyl copies of this (and most of their albums) fetching a pretty price this is a welcome reissue on the ever reliable Cardinal Fuzz label. The Cosmic Dead have peddled their brand of expansive free form psych for a number of years now and a new album due very soon on the brilliant Riot Season record label, this is a timely reminder of just how good this band and always have been.

It is pretty much impossible to describe the music of The Cosmic Dead, well actually it’s not, they are a free form, tight but loose, psych jam band, yeah I’ll go with that. The real problem arises when you have to explain to people just how good they are. At one time I would have thought, if you don’t already know, why should I bother telling you, fuck off and go and listen to (insert insulting generic pop album)! However, these days I’m not the musical snob I once was (ahem) and I’m more than happy to spread the word. They honestly seem lost in their on world or if you will, their own groove. They push and push, they draw you in almost inviting you to become part of the groove. The title track just keeps going, stretching over the thirty minute mark and never disappearing up its own arse. The album just works so well, at times making you feel like your head has been ambushed by their sound. The drums sound like they are possessed, the bass line are tight and sinuous almost like they are holding the drums in place. The guitars are never too self obsessed and the synths just give everything that extra depth.

The Cosmic Dead’s sound is a heady brew of slightly unstable chemicals and deserve all the praise that is heaped on them. This album maybe a few years old now but it sounds just as fresh as it did on release. This album for me is one of the cornerstones of modern day psych.

I’m afraid, I’m a bit late writing this so if you want to buy this album you may struggle, but seek and ye shall find. They are however, on tour and you may be able to pick something up at one of their shows and watch out for the new album on Riot Season but be quick because they won’t hang around.

22.04 UK – Liverpool – Wrong Fest
23.04 UK – Leicester- The Musician
25.04 BE – Brussels – Magasin 4
27.04 DE – Dresden – Sabotage Dresden
28.04 PL – Warsaw – Chmury
30.04 DE – Berlin – Astra Kulturhaus (Desertfest)
02.05 DK – Copenhagen – KB18 kødboderne
03.05 SE – Malmö – Plan B – malmö
04.05 SE – Stockholm – Obaren
05.05 SE – Gothenburg – Truckstop Alaska
06.05 DK – Aalborg – 1000Fryd
07.05 DE – Kiel – Die Kieler Schaubude
09.05 DE – Leipzig – AKKO Hummus Bar
10.05 AT – Vienna – DasBACH
11.05 HR – Zagreb – Vintage Industrial Bar
12.05 SI – Llubljana – Klub Gromka
13.05 AT – Innsbruck – p.m.k
14.05 AT – Salzburg – Rockhouse Salzburg
16.05 IT – Zero Branco – Altroquando
17.05 IT – Parma – Titty Twister
18.05 IT – Torino – BLAH BLAH
19.05 IT – Ravenna – Bronson
20.05 IT – Milano – Bloom Bar Milano
23.05 FR – Paris – Gibus Club
24.05 BE – Ghent – Psych over 9000 Fest
25.05 UK – Brighton – The Green Door Store
26.05 UK – Bristol – The Old Malthouse
27.05 UK – London – The Dome, Tufnell Park (Raw Power 2017)
28.05 UK – Leeds – Eiger Studios (Karma Fest)






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