Moss Folk- Veiled Visions

Veiled Visions by Milwaukee collective Moss Folk, is thirty odd minutes of drone heaven, available as a ltd cassette each side containing one track (Programs A and B ).

Program A is just shy of twelve minutes and starts with a slow burning synth drone that builds with rhythmic pulses. Eastern sounding guitars and a mantra type vocal lift the track giving the you a astral projection kind of feel. As things progress, an effortless transition replaces the gentle rhythms with a more aggressive traditional drum pounding. As the track breaks into it’s four movements, the common thread of traditional versus contemporary keeps the sonic collision of East meets West.

Program B starts with more of a driving uptempo beat with spiralling guitars and synths.For six minutes, the guitar bobs and weaves around its steady back beat creating a kind of vortex of sound. A hushed vocal adds texture to the overall sound before coming to an abrupt halt. Within seconds, the music starts up again but this time with more of a motorik kind of feel that drives everything along.

Moss Folk are for those of you who like to get your groove on and lose yourselves in steady rhythms and a head full of drone. Everything seems to have it’s place, attention seems to have been given to the overall sound and space within the music. You can check out their fine music here.


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