It has been five long years since Slomo last decided to spew out their unsettling brand of doom laden experimental noise. In those five years this new album has been created, no birthed, no this albums sounds like  Holy McGrail and Howard Marsden have stolen the TARDIS headed  back to the dawn of time and recorded the sound of the primordial ooze and played it back through the kind of contraption that was marked ‘Warning electronic brain fucking machine’. This is the fourth Slomo and although I would like to say it picks up from where their last album (The Grain) left off, I’m not entirely sure that it does. You see the thing is as their name suggest, Slomo move slowly, but they do move, like the sinking rays of sunlight that seem hover in the sky forever and then suddenly plunges us into darkness.

Opener ‘Concerning The Explorers’ is a very slow builder and dare I say quite subtle. Wave upon wave of droning tones slowly wash over you and kind of cling and paw at you. It’s like waves of crude oil that seem to hang from the rocks on a beech after a spill. Then a distant storm slowly arrives, gradually, building and building before finally reaching it’s zenith. Crikey! What a way to start! The brilliant thing about Slomo is their willingness to test the listener, to make the listener almost reach within themselves and find that extra bit of resolve, ‘Super-Individuals’ electronic wave seem to come on strong and almost fast, humming, throbbing with hypnotic effect. But it’s length of time that is given to track to develop, the changes are again subtle and controlled. The album closer’The Dialectic’ has a more mellow feel to it, but is no less eerie. I can’t help but think that this is the sound of some kind of intergalactic message that is being beamed  across the universe by a distant and highly advanced alien life form.

With ‘Transit’ Slomo have delivered an album that leads. Yes I am sure the album takes its ques from from the golden era of German experimentalism  and  the modern day artists such as Sunn O))) with whom Mcgrail has worked with in the past and most recently the mind altering Vesuvio. This is an album of endurance and for those who stay the course will find it’s a triumph.


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