Sounds of New Soma-La Grande Bellezza (Tonzonen Records)

For those of you willing to chance your arm with something a little bit different then Sounds of New Soma may just be the ticket. This is an album of experimental music that I have been playing for sometime now, and it is superb for just zoning out or filling a room full of sound. This album isn’t too intrusive but can be completely immersive.

This synth laden album reminds me of the kind of thing that came out of Germany in the early 70’s. Now I am no expert in this area, I have scratched the surface with albums by the usual suspects such as, Can, Neu, Kraftwerk, Faust and even some of the lesser known  acts such as German Oak and Nine Days Wonder. So I very tentatively put this album in a kind of Cluster or Klaus Schulze category. It matters little if I’ve missed the mark a bit, the only thing that matters is that this is a good album. It drifts from one plain to another, never settling too long and just as you feel like to have grasps the concept, its gone again. Each track takes on a form of it’s own, the opener ‘Bundesgartenscau’71’ has a spacerock feel to it, where as the next track is all spoken word and tolling bells. As we progress we are met with the Jazz like groove of ‘Spandua’ and the synth dirge of ‘Wurmloch’.

This album may be eclectic but it’s an album that deserves the attention of those with an open mind and a willingness to travel into unknown or rarely ventured territories.


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