Lamagaia-S/T (Cardinal Fuzz/Sunrise Ocean Bender)

Lamagaia first came to my attention last year, after reading reviews of their first (self financed) album, was it even an album? It was 28 minutes of epicness spread over two sides of magnificent wax. Unfortunately, I never got round to buying it, because you can’t have everything now can you?it did however, get repeated listens on Bandcamp. So when ‘Cardinal Fuzz‘ (one of my ‘go to’ labels) and ‘Sunrise Ocean Bender‘  announced the release of this self titled album, everything just fell into place, this was a no brainer purchase.

Two tracks, that’s it, one per side, no messing, simple! The sixteen minute plus ‘Aurora’ fills the first side and launches into sixteen minutes plus of heavy psych riffing. The groove is just nailed to the floor and there it stays whilst a maelstrom of sound swirls around. It’s the equivalent of being caught in the eye of some kind of sonic vortex, vocals drift in and out, guitars make their presence felt but nothing seems to able to calm this eddy of sound… and then it’s gone leaving you to pick up the debris of what was once your beloved speakers. It is with some relief that the second track ‘Paranama Vju’ is the total flip side to it’s noisy predecessor. It is a slow building piece that moves at it’s own steady pace, but move it does and infectious it is (said Yoda). The whole thing is built around a guitar pattern that had me thinking of parts of Pink Floyd’s Brick In The Wall. Then, at the thirteen and a half minute point there is a change in mood it’s almost like a shadow has been cast over the track, darkening the mood and bringing the piece to an almost malevolent close.

It is an absolute pleasure to hear albums like this and then go off and write about them. I couldn’t give a monkeys if anyone reads them, the fact that they do and take time to work their way through my typos and my lax attitude towards grammar fills me with pride. As long as albums are being released that are this good, I’m going to take time out to write about them.


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