Julie’s Haircut-Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin (Rocket Recordings)

Well here we are at album number seven, which is great because if you dig this which I know you will there are another six albums for you to explore. I’m afraid I can’t tell you what they are like because although I had heard the name I hadn’t got round to checking them out. What I have learnt however, is fascinating, they hail from Northern Italy, they have been kicking around since 1999 and have worked with Damo Suzuki and Pete ‘Sonic Boom’ Kember both of whose influences loom large, which lets face it that is a good thing.

Opener ‘Zukunft’ is one of those slow burning repetition numbers that draws you in, it is can like in style and takes us on a eleven minute journey that kind of just floats out of your speakers and then starts to build slowly and gradually takes over. I played this when some friend visited recently, the chit chat slowly gave way to silence as the music took over the room. The opener is followed by the more abrasive ‘Fire Chant’, I say abrasive, it’s still mellow, with a whispered vocal and a drifting saxophone, but it seems ill tempered, ‘Orpheus Rising’ is in a similar vein. I have to admit ‘Deluge’ caught me a bit off guard, and was more of a, well deluge of sound, this of course is a good thing because it takes you straight out of your comfort zone. The next two tracks ‘Salting Traces’ and ‘Cycles’ showed hints of a more eastern flavour. With ‘Gathering Light’ we are back to whispered vocals and the slow burn, but instead of the building saxophone of previous tracks we are treated to real spiky and fuzzy guitar work. Album closer ‘Koan’ has an ambient feel to it and a background clanging that was kind of reminiscent of an anvil being struck, the track did initially feel as an after thought, but the more you play this album you realise how well thought out everything actually is.

There are sharp turns in this album, that at first listen can lead to puzzlement, but that is also it’s strength because the more you come back to it, the puzzle comes together and you start to get the bigger picture and it’s only then do you get how clever and brilliant this album really is.

You can still find copies of the CD at Rocket Recording which is here and just keep your eyes peeled in the usual quality record shops for the vinyl version.


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