The Myrrors are just stupidly cool, they look and sound like a band that are going to be huge (do bands still get huge?) and seem to get better with every release Enhanced Earth was one of the standout albums of last year. As for Centralstodet they from Sweden which means you have already reached for your wallet because everything that comes out of Sweden these days seems to be incredible and this lot are no exception. I always approach split releases with a bit of caution in case the two artist clash, but there is nothing to fear here because not only do these bands compliment each other but they are both on top of their game in a big way.

Centralstodet kick things off in style with the a track called ‘I E’ which at the starts sounds like a Neil Young and Crazy Horse outtake, before going into complete meltdown. Trust me this is epic and I mean fucking epic! When the actual track came to an end I thought to myself well if the rest of this release is crap it is still worth every penny. However, there was nothing to worry about, with two more stunning tracks namely ‘Yttre Hybriderna’ and ‘Vega’s Bodega’ just laying the speakers to waste.

Flip the record over (black and cream swirl if you get in quick) and you get one long masterclass in modern desert pysch.  The track itself is split into two parts each given their own title. The first part (Khalivera) is the storm before the calm, it’s a wall of sound with everything set to freak out, it segues into the ambient drone of ‘Nigh Flower Codex’ which is meditative bliss. It’s main feature is the steady beat and the hypnotic bass line that just keeps going and going (the vinyl also has a locked groove which means it just keeps on playing) and the more it keeps going the more it draws you you in and the more it draws you in the more it seems to become part of your DNA. Maybe I’ve been over playing it but this bass line has been running through my mind night and day.

Not a single second on this album has been wasted, musically it is one of the most perfect records I have ever heard, everything looks fantastic from the artwork to the vinyl. I am seriously considering naming this album of the year already.

Get yourself a copy if you can from Cardinal Fuzz, Sky Lantern or the bands own Bandcamp page.





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