Demian Castellanos-Ether (Cardinal Fuzz)

This is a journeyman album, this is an album for travellers but most importantly, I feel this is a ‘coming back too’ album. Without wishing to state the bleeding obvious this album deserves repeated listens, I have to admit the first couple of plays the album washed over me, I think that was simply because there were too many other things going on. When this album really got me was when I was sat reading, suddenly the sound started to fill the room and it all made sense and the more I played it the more it grew on me.

The last album I heard by Demian Castellanos (besides his other job with The Oscillation) was the back in 2015 and his other Cardinal Fuzz release ‘The Kyvu Tapes 1990-1998‘ which was a thoroughly enjoyable album and one that I for some reason hadn’t played in a while until… writing this. This album however, is a very different beast. Rather than being a collection of individual pieces this is one long meditative, trip through the cosmos. Now that ‘trip through the cosmos’ description may sound a bit pretentious but that is what it sounds like to me, I played this whilst watching a montage of images taken by the Hubble Telescope and the two worked wonderfully well together. As with most albums of this nature it works exceedingly well with the lights out and the headphones on because then you concentrate on every detail and find yourself utterly lost. It’s like the soundtrack to astral projection, I have to say that despite all of this there is a malevolent and sinister feel to it at times, making it an even more rewarding listen.

According to what I have read this album has been sitting gathering dust since 1995 and has finally been transferred and mixed into this version we hear today. It just makes you wonder what else is lurking in the Castellanos vaults.

Hurry up and get yourself a copy here before it sells out.



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