Pigs,Pigs,Pigs,Pigs,Pigs,Pigs,Pigs- Feed The Rats (Rocket Recordings)

Pigsx7 from now on, right that’s the name done. Music anyone? Absolute total fucking chaos, this is the sound of a band being thrown down some stairs, concrete stairs, concrete spiral stairs, long concrete spiral stairs…..slowly. I guessing their record collection would be pretty cool, I think there would obvious stuff like Sabbath, Monster Magnet and Motorhead, but I’m sensing more underground stuff like Iron Monkey, St Vitus, Terminal Cheesecake, Luminus Bodies and even Venom. Don’t worry though this is not just some run of the mill stoner band, this is full on in your face heavy psych!

So lets get things started with a track by the name of ‘Pyschopomp’. There is no messing around here, if you was hoping to test the waters depth then forget it because the school bully has ran up behind you and pushed you in at the deep end. Huge Iommi worship, with everything set to loud add to that what sounds like Lemmy on vocals (although I swear I could hear hints of Venom’s Cronos) and you have a great track. Now add to that a few time changes and some chants plus the sound of a band that just love it loud and keep doing it for the next fifteen minutes, you end up with a new heavy psych classic.

Sweet Relief is the next tune and really the tittle alone will confirm every reviewers thoughts of Sabbath worship. This short punchy little number is kind of song that you hoped would have turned up on Sabbath’s ‘13‘ album. This track can stand it’s own ground which considering the two monoliths it sits in between is quite something.

Album closer ‘Icon’ starts like it’s trying to harness it’s inner ‘N.I.B.‘ before launching into the void (groan).  The guitar solo around the nine minute mark is just sublime, it cuts through noise and takes control before giving into the brute force of the rest of the band. The closing part of this seventeen minute epic is punctuated with the words ‘I confess’, it’s like an admission, yes we know we’re as mad as a goose on stilts, yes we know we play loud and hard, but we confess, we fucking love it, well I confess, I fucking love it as well!

As you would expect Rocket have done a fantastic job, with a die cut sleeve and coloured vinyl but you’re going to have to search this one out because it’s sold out at the Rocket Recordings Bandcamp page  but keep an eye out it sold that fast it may get a repress.


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