Earthling Society- Zen Bastard(Drone Rock Records)

This is NOT a cooking album! I mean the album is cooking, but it is not to be played whilst cooking. I made a lovely pie using some turkey left over from Christmas, some turkey stock a few manky looking veg and half a jar of cranberry sauce. Stick it in the oven and waited forty minutes. Enough time to play side one of the new Earthling Society album, and zone out, check pie, realise oven is not turned on, turn oven on play side two, zone out, check pie, oh that’s looking good, play side one again, zone out, shit! The pie!

It seems to be a reoccurring theme with me and ‘Earthling Society’, I just seem to lose sense of space and time. The Zodiak album was my introduction and it remained the only album I knew by them them until last year when prompted by a couple of reviews and their stunning contribution to Drone Rock Records, ‘Magnetic North compilation‘, I started to acquaint myself with their back catalogue.

So lets get one thing straight this album rocks, it’s full of psych style swagger, it bobs and weaves, dips and soars there is singing and chants, there is some awesome guitar work, that had me reaching for my air guitar case and I can honestly say since this album arrived last week it has been played everyday at least once and more often twice. What has grabbed me about this album is the amount of “fuck me!” moments. ‘Kosmic Suite’  takes up the whole of side two and is the heaviest thing I have heard them do, if you are familiar with the ‘Stations Of The Ghost‘ album then think the heavier parts of ‘Night Of The Scarecrow‘. As much as I don’t like tags they are useful, so I am going with the ‘Space Rock’ tag on this album. This is really a journeyman’s album and it really does rock.

The bar has been set for 2017 and if this is the standard of things to come, then you better strap yourselves in because it’s going to be one hell of a trip. This album is selling like hot cakes so get over to Drone Rock Records quickly!



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