Expo 70- America Here and Now Sessions

The first thing that struck about the new Expo 70 album was the cover: it seems to be paying homage to the classic Flower Travlin Band album ‘Anywhere’ and that itself has me interested, because anyone who is a fan of that band is a groovy mofo!. That groovy mofo turns out to be one Justin Wright, who has been releasing albums since 2003. Now for most people an album a year is prolific, Mr Wright has released over 40! I have no idea how good the others are but after listening to this I will certainly be checking some of the others out.

Two tracks make up this album both clocking in at over twenty minutes there is a third track but that is cd and digital only, and is a mere eight and a half minutes. Within these two tracks or ‘movements’ we are taken on a sonic road trip across America. These are slow burning jams that stretch the listener and envelop them in a blanket of sound . It  had me thinking of that Cohen brothers kind of vastness that they use so well in their films. The opening piece ‘First Movement’ is carried by a chugging guitar that serves as a back bone to the music. This allows the other musicians to explore their own space and stretch the framework of the piece.

The ‘Second Movement’ is a synth driven drone that pulses and builds over it’s twenty six minutes. As the layers start to build a complex tapestry of sound comes to the fore. Drums clatter and crash and guitar feedback brings the music to a peak before starting its slow decent.

With a huge variant of releases available this is also a collectors dream/nightmare, but this is about the music and the music is essential and immense




.- LP:
Limited to 160 copies on BLACK vinyl (housed on RED packaging) and 140 copies on GOLD vinyl (housed on BROWN packaging). Stunning and sturdy hand-screenprinted die-cut packaging, including a fold-out poster/innersleeve and insert. 180g high-quality wax displaying visuals by Erik A. Hamline, aka Steady Co.

– CD:
Sturdy tip-on mini-LP gatefold packaging displaying utterly different artwork from the vinyl edition. Design courtesy of Justin Wright himself. Includes an OBI strip and a bonus track. Limited to 200 copies.

Strictly limited art edition of 119 hand-numbered copies, which comes with: The vinyl edition on an exclusive color variant – WHITE wax (housed on BLUE pack); A large hand-drawn/silkscreened fold-out poster; The CD edition; An exclusive bonus album called “Beyond From Where We Started From”, with recent trio-mode Expo Seventy free jams of the highest order. Everything housed on a beautiful hand-stitched/silkscreened cloth bag.


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