The Best Of 2016 Pt6 Quarter Final Results

The winter has been a bit of a non event in these parts, during the solstice I was digging up brussel sprouts in my tee-shirt and was already thinking about what to plant in the new year. As I write this the skies are slate grey and is seems the lazy winter sun can’t be bothered to make an effort, it is a typical non weather day. Inside Heathen Manor things are different, music fills every corner with an almost warm glow, if sound was colour then right now I’d be wearing shades. This elimination thing is such a strange process, I mean I knocked Dead Sea Apes out in the first round because they came up against Kuro. Now anyone who reads this blog will know I dig DSA and Soy Dios is one of my most played albums of the year, but there is something about the Kuro album, that I feel, needs to be heard. The same can be said for  the Broken DC Vs Juju result, the Juju album has stood out amongst the pack, but the Broken DC album excited me on every listen, it seems riddled with a kind of urban paranoia. So here I am making these choices and each time I want to scream out and tell the world about all the bands, but I guess that’s the whole point of this blog.

Ten- Yokon Youth (Ten Recordings) Vs  Peter J Smyth- Black Smoke (God Unknown)

Two very relaxing albums, but for two very different reasons. Black Smoke is a collection of acoustic tunes that sound like a scrap book of events, they sound personal and kind of sit nicely as a group of thoughtful tunes. The Ten album is an electronic soundscape that at times can feel crushing and claustrophobic but is fill with enough light to not become over baring. Ten goes through.

Gnod-Mirror (Rocket Recordings) Vs  Kuro- S/T (Rocket Recordings)

The Rocket Recordings clash. I am honestly lost for words about this one. Rocket Recordings is like a British standard mark, the label has set me up for many a strange journey and since that first purchase (Fuzz Against Junk 7″ at ATP in 2007, if you must know) I have been a dedicated follower. I am going to give this round to Kuro, I didn’t know what to expect but, wow what an album!

Nudity-Is God’s Creation (Cardinal Fuzz) Vs  Menimals- S/T (Riot Season)

If you have not heard Menimals then pull your finger out and do so. It has a bit of a Bad Seeds vibe to it at times, the songs seem to shuffle around the room like a malevolent spirit that can only be seen out of the corner of your eye. Nudity on the other hand just light the fuse and aim for the stars. Nudity win!

Broken DC- Astragal (God Unknown) Vs Kandodo/Mcbain-Lost Chants (Creepy Crawl)

The Broken DC album is the album I think I have played to friends most often, I think touches the edges of so many genres that most people will find something in it. Lost Chants I ignored for a start, I had a feeling it might be ‘The Emperors New Clothes’, people trying to to be clever, but there were too many people whose opinions I respect just loving the album. So I ordered it and instantly ‘got it’. Lost Chants wins.

So there we have it, the semi final is easy to draw. Working down the QF list:

Ten- Yokon Youth (Ten Recordings) Vs Kuro- S/T (Rocket Recordings)

Nudity-Is God’s Creation (Cardinal Fuzz) Vs Kandodo/Mcbain-Lost Chants (Creepy Crawl)


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