Band Of The Year 2016 TBWNIAS

One band has stood out head and shoulders above the rest and yet strangely didn’t make my end of year list. So “why is this?”, you may ask. Well the band in question is a Canadian band who go by the name, The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol (TBWNIAS) and despite it being a really busy year for them release wise their only album of new material didn’t drop until a couple of days before Christmas, by which time my list was already done. So why this accolade? Well because its my blog, so there, and  besides when a band I like release a live album, a three album retrospective box set and an album of new material, I think they bloody well deserve it.

The year started with a live album, the third release on the Drone Rock Records label and featured the band flying by the seat of their pants. What I enjoyed most about this release was the fact that it sounded like you were there. Even the album title (Live 2010 Dominion Tavern) was proof that this was just a live album, no fancy editing from various shows, no overdubs, just the sound of the band and the audience having a blast.

As the year reached its halfway point anticipation was growing for something very special, a very ltd box set (full review here). A box set! A small label like Cardinal Fuzz was going to put its ass on the line and bring us something extremely special indeed. The foil stamped presentation box which featured three albums never before available outside of their home country. The albums were;  TBWNIS Vs. The Purveyors Of Conspicious Authenticity, Scrappy Little Jaw and Pathfinder. Even though I had already bagged an original copy of Pathfinder this was an essential buy, it showcased the bands willingness to just keep the tape running. The exciting thing for fans such as myself is knowing there are still albums released in Canada in runs of usually 100 that have yet to see the light of day on this side of the pond.

As the year drew to a close my long pre ordered copy ( I like to get in there early)  of the bands new (11th) album Elevator, dropped. It brims with attitude, its exciting, it is quite simply a masterpiece of free form punkadelica (full review to follow).

If Cardinal Fuzz had not stumbled across this band a few years ago they would still have released these albums. This is a band that makes music because it has too, there is no or very little financial gain. With rumours of some UK dates (could this even be possible) I am positive that 2017 is going to be another killer year.

There a few physical copys  of Elevator left which you can buy here. Digital copies are available here.



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