The Best Of 2016 Pt3 Round 2 Draw

There are places left on the internet where communities grow and flourish, where respect is given to other members, where label owners, band members, bloggers and collectors all enjoy sharing their knowledge without sarcastic and pompous remarks. It is to these people that the draw for the next round was given. I had numbered each winner from the last round and this group of forward thinking mofo’s  picked numbers between 1-16. The important thing of this exercise was to keep things as random as possible. So here is the draw for the next round.

Sutcliffe Jugend- Offal (Cold Spring) VsTen- Yokon Youth (Ten Recordings)

Kandodo/Mcbain-Lost Chants (Creepy Crawl) Vs Dreamtime- Strange Pleasures (Cardinal Fuzz)

Broken DC- Astragal (God Unknown) Vs Juju – S/T (Sunrise Ocean Bender)

One Dog Clapping- Adventures In Entropy House (self release) Vs  Peter J Smyth- Black Smoke (God Unknown)

Gnod-Mirror (Rocket Recordings) Vs Big Naturals /Anthroprophh-S/T (Cardinal Fuzz/Capture Records)

Nudity-Is God’s Creation (Cardinal Fuzz) Vs Mugstar- Magnetic Sessions (Rock Action)

Colossloth-  Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth (Cold Spring) Vs Menimals- S/T (Riot Season)

Kikagaku Moyo- House In The Tall Grass (Guruguru Brain) Vs Kuro- S/T (Rocket Recordings)

So there you have it. I’m to the bottom of the garden to pow wow with the chickens (who are in a bad mood due to a 30 day quarantine) and listen to each album in turn in the above order.


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