The Best Of 2016 Pt2

So the draw was made and now the hard work begins. It is a task for any music lover to choose their favourite album in any year or in fact any genre. We are for the most part musical masochists, enduring hours deliberation for what is ultimately a pointless exercise. Those of you who read last years Best Of competition (for want of a better word), will know that I go away and play a variety of  albums and decide which I enjoy the most. Of course this again is often a pointless task, on my journey from work I am far more sprightly than my journey to work. My mood will also darken after my nightly pow wow with chickens. I often find myself doing my best Bob Geldof impression and shouting         ” just give us yer fucking eggs”!

Gnod-Mirror (Rocket Recordings) Vs Goat-Requiem (Rocket Recordings)

Great, so the first two names out of the hat are both label mates. How do you even compare? The fact is you can’t they are two polar opposites, the one thing that really hit home was just what a magnificent label Rocket Recordings really is and the these two albums show not only the quality of music the label constantly releases, but how much variety they have. Anyway, Gnod get the er, well,Gnod.

Dreamtime- Strange Pleasures (Cardinal Fuzz) Vs The Myrrors -Enhanced Earth (Beyond,Beyond Is Beyond)

Dreamtime released their third album at the tale end of the year and has been on heavy rotation on my computer ever since (the vinyl is due at any moment). The Myrrors album is something very special indeed, so it pains me to have to choose. The winner of this time round is Dreamtime.

Broken DC- Astragal (God Unknown) Vs Horseback-Dead Ringers (Relapse Records)

Horseback really are a fantastic band a couple of years ago they released a compilation of singles a rarities and on it was the epic Heathen Earth. The Broken DC album has just got under my skin, I love its brooding darkness. Broken DC  win.

Ten- Yokon Youth (Ten Recordings) Vs H.U.M.-Trinity Way (Rocket Recordings)

Ten win this round, which may surprise a few because of how bloody good Trinity Way and is more my thing, whatever my thing is. The Ten album caught me off guard and just became a regular zoning album.

Kuro- S/T (Rocket Recordings) Vs Dead Sea Apes- Soy Dios (Cardinal Fuzz)

Last years winners, Dead Sea Apes are one of my favourite bands and I’m yet to hear a bad album, seeing them live was one of the highlights of the year. The Kuro album has knocked me off my feet, it quite honestly floored me, such intense beauty. So the shock result is Dead Sea Apes crash out.

Kikagaku Moyo- House In The Tall Grass (Guruguru Brain) Vs Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation -Mirage (Rocket Recordings)

Josefin Ohrn’s second album is proof that she has an incredible knack of writing wonderfully breezy tunes, this however, is not enough when played next to the fantastic Kikagaku Moyo.

Colonel Petrov’s Good Judgement- Moral Machine (Moral Machine Records) Vs Peter J Smyth- Black Smoke (God Unknown)

Another case of two albums being drawn against that share absolutely nothing except for being very good. Moral Machine is a challenging listen but constantly throws up surprises. Mugstar’s Peter J Smyth has released a collection of acoustic tunes that are perfect for Sunday mornings or indeed anytime of day. Black Smoke wins.

Narcostanicos-Body Cults (Bad Afro)  Vs Mugstar- Magnetic Sessions (Rock Action)

Mugstar just keep getting better, I’m constantly astounded by their consistency. Narcostanicos has been getting a lot of turntable time and is an able worthy of your attention, but it is the might of Mugstar that wins.

Henge- S/T (God Unknown) Vs Juju – S/T (Sunrise Ocean Bender)

Henge live are something to behold and their debut album is a heavy slab of stoner psych. The Juju album has taken the psych underground by storm and rightly so because it is an amazing piece of work. Juju win.

Kandodo/Mcbain-Lost Chants (Creepy Crawl) Vs Cavalier Songs- Blezard (God Unkown)

I caught Cavalier Songs live this year and I can’t wait for their next album, however, Kandodo/Mcbain at 33 or 45rpm (I’m leaning to 33 at the moment) is a musical bar raiser and they win this match.

Big Naturals /Anthroprophh-S/T (Cardinal Fuzz/Capture Records) Vs Heron Oblivion- S/T (Sub Pop)

Man, this was a tough call. In the end I went with Big Naturals /Anthroprophh it has been shaking the foundations of Heathen Manor since release.

Sutcliffe Jugend- Offal (Cold Spring) Vs Psychic Lemon- S/T (Drone Rock Records)

This is a difficult one. In any other year Psychic Lemon would have walked it. This has been 2016 and Sutcliffe Jugend have really caught my mood, so they go through. I would like to say this, Psychic Lemon are the band to watch, don’t change what you do lads it’s fucking great!

Nudity-Is God’s Creation (Cardinal Fuzz) Vs Moths & Locusts-Helion Rising (Sunmask Records)

Nudity, Nudity, Nudity, I have been waiting so long to have this on wax. The Moths and Locust album will feature high on many list and rightly so, but, NUDITY!

Necro Deathmort-The Capsule (Rocket Recordings) Vs Colossloth-  Outstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of Truth (Cold Spring)

Damn those chickens! I mean, really? I have spent ten minutes shouting at the chickens. Two incredible albums. Colossloth win


Menimals- S/T (Riot Season) Vs Rise Of The Echo Drones- Chemically Altered

I can’t choose, how can I possibly choose! Menimals win! OK? Happy now!?

Khunnt-Failures (Riot Season) Vs One Dog Clapping- Adventures In Entropy House (self release)

Define punk, One Dog Clapping is to me in so many ways is punk. One man getting his stuff out there for free if you want. Failures is a great album but they loose out this time.

The next round will be drawn soon.




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