Colonel Petrov’s Good Judgement -Moral Machine

I read four music blogs on a regular basis. Firstly me old mate Soundsberg, we have been pretty much on the same page just shy of thirty years. Then there is Chromaticism who I have been reading since I started writing for OS , then there is Simondelic of Backseat Mafia Fame and lastly Dayz Of Purple and Orange who is responsible for the emptying of my bank account with his online shop. Now the last two on this list of cool people have both wrote about the album in question and have lavished it with praise. After an online chat they told me, nay insisted I buy this album, Mr Purple was just getting some copies in stock. Sod it said I, I will take the plunge.

Listen 1

Jazz shit

Listen 2

Saxophone! I hate Saxophone!

Listen 3

I really should have listened first, I can’t afford to waste money like this.

Listen 4

Oh look at me, I’m a great bass player and playing gets under your skin and makes you wonder how you play with such dexterity and still keep time.

Listen 5

Two drummers! Yes!

Listen 6

How does one even start to play guitar like that?

Listen 7

Oh, did you hear that, seriously did you fucking hear that!

Listen 8

Kind of a Solar Fire Trio thing going on.

Listen 9

I don’t know what to make of this.

Listen 10

This isn’t my thing but, damn its good.

Listen 11

I’m still listening.

Listen 12

Oh man, that’s some heavy funk shit going on.

Okay, okay I concede it’s bloody fantastic. Have a listen and buy it here.


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