Dead Sea Apes-Soy Dios (Cardinal Fuzz/Sky Lantern Records)

So this is Manchester’s Dead Sea Ape debut release, re-released with an unreleased track. I didn’t know that Soy Dios  existed until recently, which is unusual because when I start to get into a band I will often spend my time searching the internet looking for other releases. Over the last couple of years, their three full length albums (Lupus, High Evolutionary and Spectral Domain (winner of my prestigious album of the year 2015)) have never been far from my turntable.

So ‘Soy Dios’ translates as ‘I am God’ a line from the Jodorowsky film ‘El Tapo‘ a film I have not seen yet, I say ‘yet’ because the only Jodorowsky film I have seen was ‘Santa Sangre‘ and that was a complete mind fuck. So I can’t comment on whether the music suits the film or not, although having watch a few clips and trailers my guess is it does. The music is certainly epic enough and it has that real slow burning, lysergic,  desert blues feel that we have come to expect. One thing that makes this band so damn good is the understanding of dynamics, less can be more and this adds to the overall feel as the band ratchets up the tension throughout. The small flourishes of sound become the most powerful, a pause and restart in sound allows the music to breathe. I have no ideas how these guys work in the studio and frankly, I don’t care. To me it sounds live, in my mind the band are facing each other watching each other in a  Mexican stand off kind of way, just waiting for each other to make that move.

I have moved away from instrumental music a bit recently, mainly because I like to have good old sing song in the kitchen, but the music of DSA makes me smile and nod my head and lets be honest if music is making you smile its gotta be pretty good, right?


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