Nudity- Is God’s Creation (Cardinal Fuzz)

Nudity were formed from the ashes, of what to me were one of the greatest bands ever. The  band in question were ‘The Tight Bro’s From Way Back When‘, a band that managed to harness the frantic energies of Mc5 and late a seventies AC/DC,  in fact Julian Cope described them as “MC/DC”.  What Nudity did and are in fact still doing is retaining the energy of the aforementioned bands and shoveling a bucket load of Hawkwind and Amon Duul  into the mix, and yes they are that good!

What Cardinal Fuzz have done here is collected the bands first two mini albums that as far as I am aware were only previously  available on impossible to find cdrs, add to this a couple of tracks from the vaults and you have what just maybe your new favourite album of the year. Listening to this album will have you racking your mental filing cabinets and punching the air as you find another band to compare them to, Captain Beyond, Gong, Sir Lord Baltimore, Sun-Ra even a splash of early Iron Maiden!

How often do listen to a double album and find yourself jumping out of your seat with sheer joy. Even when they have the audacity to cover the Hawkwind classic, ‘Hurry On Sundown‘  they do so with such conviction that they make it sound like it’s their own. Tracks such as Birdsong, Nightfeeders and Make Up (the Flower Travellin Band classic) stretch past the ten minute mark within the blink of an eye. The epic, Le Premier Voyage Du Capitaine passes the twenty minute mark with ease and at no time does it feel like it’s too long or flabby.

Here is a band that wear their influences on their musical sleeves, which in the hands of a lot of bands can lead imitations rather than inspiration. Nudity tap into a rich vein of outsider music and throw the lot into the blender to see what comes out, thankfully what comes out so damn good that eons will pass before you start to tire of the heavy psychedelic rock overload.



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