Dodge Meteor- S/T (Riot Season/Swap Meat)

This is a super limited edition, cassette only release on the highly respected Riot Season’s sister label Swap Meat . That should be enough for you to be reaching for your wallet, but wait, there’s more…. Dodge Meteor is a collaboration between, Mike Vest (Blown Out, Bong, Drunk In Hell) and Matteo Dainese Il Cane (Zeman, Meathead and Ulan Bator).

So what we have here is six tracks of relentless ear pummeling noise that will show you no mercy what so ever. As your brain starts to strain at the sonic overload you may find yourself reaching for the pause button just so you can catch your breathe, resistance is futile and quite frankly pointless. This is the kind of record (well tape, but you know what I mean), that your parents warned you about. Its loud, its brutal, its has heavy swirling guitars set to freak out, the drums are hit hard, very hard or so it seems but with almost jazz like flourish’s and fills maybe it’s more the dynamics that give that impression. Either way they are the guitars equal So while these two titans battle out the bass is left with impossible job of be the UN Peacekeeper, but it does its job perfectly, never taking sides and stopping the whole thing from falling into all out war.

If you are a fan of bands such as The Heads, Big Naturals, Chrome, White Hills, Luminous Bodies then you are going to loving this and then some.



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