Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (Hopefully)

I have kind of been out of action for a few weeks. Injury to my hand has played a big part, typing was just painful and I have been told I have a high pain threshold apparently. This gave me a chance to become a slave to Game of Thrones and quality music. Of course there has been my utter despair at our nations decision to leave the (imperfect I admit) EU. My growing anger and contempt for the politicians who have lit the fire and decided it was time scurry away back the stinking shit pile from which they came leaving the country to seemingly fall apart at the seams. Then the back stabbing bastards that are trying to oust the only politician I feel is at least principled . May our xenophobic media rot in hell (as an atheist I don’t believe in hell, but you get my drift). Did I mention that a five and half tonne wooden case decided to have a do at crushing me, thankfully only leaving me with bruising and broken (brand new) phone. That’s the rant and excuses over.

There has been chances to totally absorb some  of the fine music which has dropping through my letterbox at an alarming rate, much to the despair of my wonderful wife. My inbox has been overflowing with recommendations and reviews from my favourite bloggers.  So expect a flurry of posts as I try to work through my back log of work. Also what I hope will be a new monthly feature will start at the end of this month. It will be a list kind of thing, yes I know lists are arbitrary which renders them pointless, but I like a list, my house is littered with them and my brain has a filing system that I imagine is run by chickens.


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