Terraplane- Into The Unknown


When asked to be a guest writer on this blog, I mentioned that I had only one rule and that was: I don’t review what I don’t like. So when this album dropped into my inbox I couldn’t help but feel a bit apprehensive. Thankfully Andy knows me well enough to know that I like some dirty guitars, and this, dear reader is full of them.
This is a an album that actually dates backs to 2006 a year before the bands existence came to an end, a nugget of information that is made more depressing by the fact that this album is a very realised slice of heavy stoner/psych, thankfully the ‘Electric Magic‘ label have made this album available once again.

The album covers a lot of well trodden ground, but it does with a confidence and an understanding that would have set them apart from their contemporaries. Take for instance, album highlights (for me) ‘Moonflower Blues pt 2’ and the spectacular ‘Mantra’. Both of tracks give enough space in each song to let the music breathe. Rather than rely on one element which in this genre can sometimes stifle a potential good tune, they work as a unit giving the tracks time to get under your skin. The album closes with the title track, which is fifteen and half epic minutes of psych blues that recalls ‘The Stooges- We Will Fall’ or maybe echos of ‘The Doors- When The Musics Over’.
Sometimes bands/albums are just in the wrong place or time. I hope that this re-release will give this album the recognition it so rightly deserves.

‘Into The Unknown’ is released on Electric Magic in a run of 500 in purple vinyl.


This review was written earlier this year when I had the honor of being asked to the a guest writer for Dayz of Purple and Orange  . Since then the empire of purple and orange has grown and they are now proud owners of an online shop which you can find here . So if you have any spare shekels and you are looking some quality music head on over and have a browse because I can guarantee that if you read this blog you will certainty find something to tickle your fancy.



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