An Interview With Cavalier Song

One of the most intriguing albums I have heard of late is Blezard by Cavalier Songs. It’s a mixture of experimental sounds and unexpected twists and turns. After witnessing an incredible live set at Nottingham’s Rough Trade, I jumped at the chance to chat with band member Luke and Daniel about there sound and there plans.
1, Could please tell us a bit about yourselves?
We are currently three musicians from the Liverpool area and lately we’re working with Mark Greenwood, a spoken word artist from Newcastle. We had originally tried things where he would write ‘responses’ to our music but then when we tried performing with him we all felt like it really worked.
We try to construct music based around the shapes and colours created by nature and mechanics. We like to play around with space and frequencies to try and create something dynamic and kinetic.
2, Your sound is quite different from the current crop of new bands that are emerging from the current so called ‘psych scene’.  Who were your influences?
We listen to a really wide range of music, lots of Hip Hop and Jazz. Most of all our mutual influences have been more visual than sonic. When recording the album we put a great deal of importance upon what kind of landscape our music would reside in.We performed the songs along to collages of nature documentaries and related outdoor cinematography. I guess we never stopped to consider that our music could be filed under “psych” we just wanted the music to sound like a certain place or texture. Theres obviously lots to take from it, in terms of the ‘sensory overload’ ideas around psychedelia. We like to be quite conscious of how the music will affect people who are listening. And by that I suppose I mean, we sometimes like to try and make people feel weird. But that doesn’t always have to mean being super-loud, we love when we can sense how awkward people in the audience feel when we do something really, really quiet.
3, How did God Unknown get to hear about you?
We passed Jason Stoll (Mugstar,God Unknown HQ) a copy of the record for some advice and it just so turned out that he really liked it and offered to put it out. We owe a lot to Jason for all his hard work and passion, he’s a mega dude.
4,Your live performance at Nottingham was pretty special, would it be fair to say it’s real challenge to recreate your sound live?
It’s challenging in ways that we really thrive on, it’s really important for us that we’re always trying to play to the very limit of our abilities. I always like seeing people perform when you get a real sense that the wheels could fall off at any minute.
Also quiet and slow pieces of music require a certain concentration which is really demanding and intense, it can be tough to find the appropriate pulse to work within.
Physically the songs are challenging to perform, there is just so much to do. Daniel, our bass player, goes through a full work out playing the hi hat with his foot, we figure he’s going to end up with one huge thigh.
5, What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Our plan is to play as many shows as we can afford to play and also write our next album.
6,  It seem like you could pretty much take you sound anywhere. Where would you like to take your sound next?
I think we’ve all had our own thoughts before we sat down together to work on new stuff so it was really exciting to hear that we’ve all got quite different ideas.
Their is some talk of parachute mysteries as well as new world gold rushes so maybe something based around those topics. You can hopefully expect some kind of modern classical-drone-footwork type monstrosities from us some time soon.

7, Finally just to round things off what albums could not live without?


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