Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

When we look back on 2015 I think we will looking back on a fine vintage, with rich pickings from around the globe. Sweden’s Josefin Öhrn & The Liberation delivered Horse Dance in the closing months of the year. As the nights drew in and the temperatures dropped the album seemed to push the shadows away and wrap us in a warm blanket of melody and musical exploration. Josefin took a bit of time to talk to Optical Sound about her past, present and her plans for the future.

I.W.  Did you feel any pressure when you were recording the album after the amazing success you had in Sweden?
J.O. It was just so good to work with and be part of Rocket Recordings that I kind of must have forgotten about the pressure and we just did it in a very short time!
I.W.  The album has a real positive feel to it almost like a kind of psychedelic pop, was this intentional or was it just the way the songs came out?
J.O.  Darkness, obviously, is so essential to the human soul and good music but on the other hand, I love the bright colors of psychedelic experience and need both I guess?
The combination of a strong groove, be it motorik or other and a living sonic palette paint the musical world I hear inside my head.
I.W.  I have read that you traveled a lot when you were younger to places like France, Belgium and Italy. Do you think this helped shaped your music?
J.O.  Yes definitely, each place has it’s own approach to life. To me, having so much family in France and Belgium gave me a wider perspective of what I could do with my life and what one can create. I hate normative control and that is very pervasive in the nordic countries. I’ve been very inspired by France, Italy and Belgium and their appreciation for the abstract aspects of life. Poetry, art and music and random encounters and conversations that feed your inner life, but are nothing that you can measure.
I.W.   Has music always been important in your life, your music certainly seems to reflect a very broad palette.
J.O.  Yes it has, music has such a strong power to move and open up, I think it’s a very strong force that can make you travel in time, to secret places and inner and other dimensions. It moves you and lives inside of you and hypnotises you.
I grew up with my parents listening to things like Bowie, Neil Young and Syd Barrett. There was always music in our home and there are several musicians in my family.
As a kid and a teenager music was definitely a way of expanding my consciousness and imagination. I’ve always been a big dreamer.
I.W.  Where would you like to take your sound next?
J.O.  Not sure, I hope it takes me somewhere good! Some slower tempos, some faster, ever in love with repetition and delays. We just had the honor of doing a remix of a Gnoomes track and that turned out well, thanks to the original being so good!!!
I.W  What are your plans for 2016?
J.O.  we have some gigs lined up that aren’t official yet, mainly in the UK and Mainland Europe. Personally I hope to spend as much time in Europe as I can. There are a few releases coming up as well.

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