Les Sorciers Du Theil-Polyte Deshaies (Tamed Records)

Monsieur Polyte Deshaies was the most famous sorcerers from Le Theil, who lived at the beginning of the XIX century. He died under mysterious circumstances after being accused of causing deaths in this remote region of the Normandy countryside.

This is the second album from French collective (?) Les Sorciers Du Theil; it is a much darker and somewhat heavier affair than last years self titled release. Recorded at Studio Chaudelande, the studio is located a few miles away from the Sorcerers village. The one thing that does remain is their ability to use their understanding of repetition and successfully explore its outer limits.

Opener ‘Trois Suspendus’ is lead by a heavy fuzzy guitar and it weaves an impressive spell in which time seemingly looses itself. This brief four minutes piece will have you wondering if ten minutes have passed as it slowly encases you in its sound. It is only when the second track ‘Le Gardian’ crackles into life that your mashed up mind is allowed to return to normal time. The trouble is you are confronted by what sounds like the lunatic evil twin of Sweden’s ‘GOAT‘!

The wonderfully trippy ‘Hostie Noire’ has everything going on. With an almost dub like feel to the rhythm which underpins the madness that surrounds it. The now obligatory dirty guitar is joined by all manner of sound effects a lot of which sound like they are made of one of those eighties Casio keyboards. The thing is it all works so very well and if it works quite frankly who cares what instruments they use. The best of course is saved for last ‘Retour a Barnavast’  is minimalist in style and has a whispered mantra like vocal which has you straining to hear what is being said and in doing so finding yourself completely drawn in.

This is definitely for fans of Parson Sound, Swans, Master Musicians Of Bukkake and the aforementioned Goat.



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