TVAM-No Explanations/Migrate Your Mind ( Blak Hand / Static Caravan Records)

Surf punk on acid! Dick Dale jamming with with Neu!

A one man assault on your visual and aural receptors that will leave you quite breathless. The ‘one man’ in question is one Joe Oxley and what he has done with the track ‘No Explanation’ is take a snotty garage punk song reminiscent of those wonderful ‘Pebbles’ albums and shoved it through a musical blender. Now on its own this alone would be a great song but add to the cult visual footage that has been perfectly synced to the song and it moves up to the next level.

The second track ‘Migrate Your Mind’ clocks in at just shy of three minutes and is a different beast altogether. It’s a prime slab of dirty space rock that swirls around your head with it’s infectious riffing, again add to this the visuals which is like trying to watch one of those eighties 3D films on a badly tune TV. It may sound odd but it works wonderfully.

All in all this is a debut that leaves you eager to see where TVAM go next and wondering what the live shows will be like.


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