It’ll Be All Psych On The Night

I have never had my finger on the pulse in that metaphorical kind of way, I can’t even remember checking my own pulse, I have just assumed somebody would panic or show a glimmer of concern if they had any reason to suspect that my pulse had some kind of fault. So imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I found myself in the middle of underground musical scoops, cover ups and mysteries that would have me wondering if  The X Files was a documentary and not a TV drama after all.

My Monday started like any other except it was a bank holiday and therefore a little different. I sipped my coffee whilst checking my latest batch of important emails, when one caught my eye entitled ‘For Your Eyes Only’. Now usually I wouldn’t open such emails but I was curious. What I read would leave unusually speechless. An unnamed informant had passed on some information that he felt I should pass on to both the people who read my blog. It turns out that not one but two of the most loved bands of the psych underground were being sued by some of London’s most notorious lawyers.

Case 1

Dead Sea Apes were in big trouble with Pinewood Studios over the title of their poll topping album ‘Spectral Domain’. The problem arose when the script writers for the last Bond film stumbled on the said album. You see the film was tentatively titled ‘Spectra’s Domain’. In the film Bond (played by Craig David) would finally infiltrate Spectra’s secret base inside a disused volcano. Sensing the kind of scoop that could send my readership into double figures I started to make inquires, but I was met with silence, too much silence for my liking people acting like I was some kind of acid victim trying to increase my readership.

Case 2

This involves Canadian improvisational psych outfit ‘The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol’. Turns out that they wanted to change their name to just ‘Symbol’ because young people no longer have the attention span to type ‘The Band Whose Name Is….’. The problem arose when a certain artist that was working under the name ‘The Artist Formally Known As Prince Then Known As Symbol, Now Known As The Artist Formally Known As Prince And Then Symbol But Is Called Prince Again’ complained because he used the artistic name ‘Symbol’ first. So after threats by big shot lawyers ‘ The Bands Whose Name Ia A Symbol’ Will now be called ‘The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol But Would Like To Be Called Just Symbol But Cant Due To Legal Reasons’ or ‘TBWNIASBWLTBCJSBCDTLR’.

I fear that this sub genre could tear itself apart, is there a Bardo Pond (rumors are it’s a small lake), did Mr and Mrs Delic really call their son Simon, is the Cardinal about to convert and are Lay Llamas really Goat with longer necks? If I find any evidence for these stories, you dear readers will be the first to know.


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