Dreamtime-Sun (Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha)

Discovering great albums by bands that have been around for a while can often cause a bit of a conundrum for me, do I delve into their back catalogue and spend what little spare cash I have on going backwards or do I do what I have done most of my life and keep ploughing forward on my musical journey. There has been a definite buzz about these re-releases (the other being their self titled debut, that I reviewed recently), and that made the decision much easier. So here we are ‘Dreamtime’ album number two entitled ‘Sun’.

Dreamtime’s sound seem to be built around one steady constant and that is the bass. The drums may clatter, guitars may burn and duel male/female vocal may rise and fall all of which are crucial elements to making this album such essential listening, but for me it is the steady bass lines that hold it all together. Opener ‘Center Of Mind’ is the perfect example of this with a kind of The Doors meets The Black Angels feel. A slow burn fuzzed up guitar is mirrored by a vocal mantra for the introduction of ‘Baphomet’ before launching it self into a magnificent guitar freak out under pinned by that rumbling rhythm section. In some way these two track exemplify what the album is all about, Dreamtime are a band that seem very aware and very comfortable with what they are trying to do and create. Never at any point do you feel like the band are trying to out do each other. ‘The Road’ is all about the dreamy vocal, ‘Equivalence’ is a gentle  soundscape with a head nodding bass line and a gentle synth lead and the title track has a fantastic ‘Doors’ feel to it, before the whole track is lifted into the atmosphere by some superb guitar work.

The fact that I am late to the ‘Dreamtime’ party worries me not, after all the cool people turn up late, with a new album mooted for 2016 it looks like I may still turned up in time to enjoy this heady sonic cocktail.

Here is the opening track and one reason you should head over to the Cardinal Fuzz store and try and grab a copy.



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