Dreamtime-S/T (Captcha/Cardinal Fuzz)

If there is one thing I have been asking myself over the last few weeks, it is how on earth have this band eluded me for so long. I spend an almost unhealthy amount of time trawling the web for new music and it seems that although I find plenty of great stuff there is always more that you may have missed. Thankfully, I can rely on a great network of friends, bloggers, bands, zines  (ahem) and of course (and in this case) record labels. Yep that’s right the good Cardinal has come up trumps again.

The album I am going to focus on is one of two (the other being ‘Sun’ which I will come to another time) available through Cardinal Fuzz/Captcha. This Antipodean slice of trippy psych was first released in 2011 and from I can gather has become much sought after in psych circles, and it’s easy to see why because this really is top draw stuff.

The album sets out its stall early from the off with speeding guitars reminiscent of Dick Dale before easing its way into four and half minutes of chaotic psych groove. From here on, every track seems to do the same thing and that is the unexpected.. ‘Slag’ is full of dreamy female vocals, guitar burnouts and a slow groove that is to die for, ‘Gympie’ hits a bit harder with a meandering guitars and its hypnotic duel male/female vocal. Dreamtime prove that they are willing to push their sound with ever the morphing ‘Robe’ before closing with  the nine minute psych epic that is ‘Eve pt 1 &2’.

Dreamtime just seem so at ease with what they are doing, and what they have done with this album is plant one foot in the here and now and one foot in the past. So rather than sound like a band that wants to sound like a band from they late sixties, they sound like a band influenced by said era, you follow? Either way, you wonderful people who take your time to decipher my ramblings deserve to have this in your lives.



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