There is a definite buzz around Italian psych at the moment, coupled with the fact that this is released on the ever reliable Riot Season Records, I was expecting something good, what I wasn’t expecting was something dripping with such malevolence.

This is the debut album by Menimals and it is full of confidence in not only what they are doing but also what they are trying to create. From the eerie shuffle of the opening track   ‘In This Unforgiving Heat’ you are drawn in by its creeping introduction. I was half expecting Nick Cave’s  baritone voice to recite one of his epic tales, but instead there came a lighter voice darting from speaker to speaker sounding like the confessions from one those Victorian mental asylums. This is followed by ‘Dodecahedron, The Window Sphere’ which had me thinking of the first Tricky album, in that kind of paranoid, claustrophobic kind of way. The slow build of ‘Tetrahedron’ was something I was not expecting. With the epic kind of build you will find  Crippled Black Phoenix or Black Heart Procession peddling, only with an unsettling child like voice that seems to grow and mature with the dynamics of the song.  As ‘Transition From A Cube To The Octahedron’ slowly awakens and crawls from its primordial ooze it gradually grows in confidence, whispering its inner most secrets. As the album draws to a close, we approach with trepidation the grand finale, the final blow, the moment when all the elements that have made this album such an enjoyable but uncomfortable listen come to the fore. This is achieved with over nine menacing, intimidating and sinister minutes that give the album closure and an overall feel of birth, life and death.

I have felt whilst writing this I have disappeared up my own arse a bit, but I can honestly say I don’t really care because this has been one of the most enjoyable ( and at times uncomfortable) albums I have listened to in a while. It fills me with absolute joy that there is music out there that still makes me feel like this.



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