Best Of 2015 The Final

So much to do, so little time, I mean it’s February all ready and I feel like I ain’t done a thing. Well I have, but most of it has been just dicking around, but the time has come I cannot delay any longer. So as before each band was given a number, now that was the easy bit. The next problem was devising an interesting way of having them drawn out the hat. I had ran out of rock star mates, the kids stare at me blankly from over their phones and the chickens just don’t listen, I suspect them of plotting something, I’m not sure what but all those sideways glances are making me suspicious. As the storm clouds gathered over Leicester I decided to number my fence panels and see what order they were blown down in, this failed, somehow those rotten old fence post held up (I think the chickens were involved but I have no evidence). So I took myself down to my local pub… where I then wrote number 1-4 on the back of beer mats and asked the landlord to place them under random pints throughout the night. The landlord is a sly old fox and he claims that he ‘forgot’ and I should ‘come back and try again tomorrow’. (Maybe the fox and chickens have joined forces for once).. Now in the interest of science I went back, but after eight pints of Oyster Stout my memory the next day was a little fuzzy. So in the end I came up with a master plan, ‘I’ drew the numbers, I really should have thought of that in the first place. The results were as follows.

TBWNIAS Vs Minami Deutsch

Dead Sea Apes  Vs Gnoomes

Lets be honest I set myself an impossible task and after a few week of deliberating I came up with following results.

My love for TBWNIAS (original review) can not be understated. With a live album in the pipeline on the fantastic Drone Rock Records and a box set on Cardinal Fuzz as well as a new album at the end of the year 2016 is going to be a fantastic year for them. However, I must give this round to Minami Deutsch (original review), their take on that Motorik sound was just incredible and those fuzzed  out guitars cut through their sound and lifted the whole thing to the next level.

Gnoomes (original review) hail from Russia and they have created one of the most sunny uplifting albums of the year. They lose out though to Dead Sea Apes whose Spectral Domain (original review) is the complete opposite, it’s a masterclass in paranoia and claustrophobia.

So here it is the final!

Minami Deutsch Vs Dead Sea Apes

At the end of the day this has been a mad trip, at times I have had to make seemingly impossible decisions. I have revisited albums time and time again, I have made notes, I have paced rooms and wrestled chickens, at times have been a miserable bastard with my wonderfully patient wife baring the brunt of it, but hey I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t mean it maaan . I have taken this album everywhere and played it to people and everyone has just got with it, waxed lyrical about to anyone who I though might be interested. So my album of 2015 is……..DEAD SEA APES – SPECTRAL DOMAIN!




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