The Best Of 2015 Round 3 Results!

As I near the end of this long winded and quite frankly annoying experiment, I  have decided to play each album back to back, not that I really needed to, but I thought it was only fair, besides I don’t need much of an excuse to play any of these albums. Now is also a great time to do it because in a couple of weeks the buying season will be back and my pockets will be emptying as quick as I can fill them. Maybe I should do things cheaper, like download or buy CD’s, but that ain’t going to happen I’m a vinyl addict and I always will be.

So my first problem was to choose between two albums that I had been looking forward to for sometime namely ‘Hills-Frid’ and ‘TBWNIAS-Master of the Molehill’. How do I choose between these two?.. there really is nothing in it.  The new ‘Hills’ album is just sublime in every way, from it’s stunning packaging to the final groove. ‘TBWNIAS’ followed up last years ‘Pathfinder’ album with an album that has me jumping out of my seat and pointing at the turntable and shouting; “This, this”! So it is because of this reaction I have decided to put ‘TBWNIAS’ through to next round

I thought the next battle would be easier, Minami Deutsch-S/T   Vs  Gnod-Infinity Machines. In some ways it was a simple task, all I have to do is choose between one of the most forward thinking bands ever in the history of modern music, namely ‘Gnod’, or one of the most exciting albums of the year by a new band. It’s simple you just have to choose one right? I mean just one! Well in that case I choose, ‘Minami Deutsch’. The ‘Gnod’ album I will keep going back to, picking tracks, finding new things to excite me, new things that will send me spiraling into the nether world of music looking for a new and comparable adventure. So, why ‘Minami Deutsch’? It is simple really, every time I play this album I feel compelled to play the whole thing from start to finish and then repeat the process at least one more time, now that has to be a good sign, right?

Dead Sea Apes-Spectral Domain   Vs Workin’ Man Noise Unit-Play Loud. Now here are two very different beasts. ‘Dead Sea Apes’ weave a sonic tapestry worthy of any music fans time. An album full of secrets that continue to reveal themselves with each listen, and listen I have. ‘Workin’ Man Noise Unit’ are probably my neighbours least favourite band. It is an album that asks very little of the listener, the one thing it does ask, nay demands, is the title of the album. So having just played both albums all the way through back to back I have decided to choose ‘Dead Sea Apes’.

This was the easiest draw for me, which may sound harsh but please let me explain. You see the battle of,  Gnoomes-NGAN!   Vs  Cathode Ray Eyes-Eyes In The Melancholy Palm was made easier because ‘Gnoomes’ really were the biggest surprise of the year. I had listened to their previous releases and I admit to being a little underwhelmed but intrigued by what I heard. So when the chance came up for me to review ‘NGAN!’ for ‘Optical Sound’ I approached the task with caution, it turns out I had nothing to worry about. This album really was the soundtrack to the second half of the year for me and so it goes through to the next round. As for ‘Cathode Ray Eyes’ (namely Ryan Delgaudio ) all I can say is seek and you will find, because this an album that is all about repeated listens. In fact the same can be said for his  previous work, and his work with the mighty ‘Cult Of Dom Keller’.




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